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Unpractical and dangerous fire protection systems


Here you find some unpractical and therefore dangerous fire protection systems we found when we got called to make things work…

Access point in the middle of nowhere. Can injure sombody. NO hose to connect in site or even on site? Not properly marked.


“CAUTION: This area is protected by a PYROSHIELD fire extinguishing system. When alarm sounds evacuate hazard area. After PYROSHIELD discharge do NOT re-enter until thoroughly ventilated.”

Last words: “‘%&*+~ this door is locked!”

Fire wall to protect in case of transformer explosion. The gaps should be fire sealed and the cable should be painted with in-tumescent paint.

This is how the cable entries should be sealed.

This control panel has not been operated in quite a while. Devices offline which could be fatal.

Flammable material and no fire protection system.

So much for a water pipe support. Gemors…