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New gas suppression standard?

The following standard of gas suppression system installation can have devastating consequences.

Gas pipe should be lifted to under floor tiles in floor void and nozzles should face down.

Upon investigation the nozzle completely loose and when fastened, the ceiling tile lifted up. Therefore the contractor was too lazy to install longer pipes and rather opted for a loose nozzle, which can be very dangerous (kill somebody below) when the gas discharges.

Sloppy installation: Obviously the company that installed this sprinkler did not tighten it. This way it was very easy to pass inspection.

Nozzle missing.

The nozzle orientation would have been wrong as well.

No dirt trap was installed.

New type of nozzle…? By putting plugs into fittings where nozzle are to be installed messes up the hydraulic calculations and will hinder the system from extinguishing a fire effectively.

Offsets like these are not allowed in gas suppression installations, as it interferes with the gas flow and pressure.