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Importance of valve overhauls and servicing of sprinkler systems

As with any mechanical system it is very important to get your Fire Sprinkler System serviced at certain intervals.

Due to the nature and the purpose of a Fire Sprinkler System, maintenance and servicing obviously carries much more importance than any other ordinary mechanical system.

Fire Sprinkler Systems protect property and also lives, hence the importance of maintaining these systems in accordance with the standards and regulations.

It is important to note that all servicing needs to be carried out by a fire sprinkler specialist and a registered member of the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau.

Here are some guide lines of when servicing or maintenance is to be carried out:

1. Valve Overhauls need to be carried out at least once every three years and needs to be tagged.

2. Visual Inspections and tests need to be carried out every six months.

3. Regular flow tests and pressure tests need to be carried out to ensure sufficient water pressure and flow is present for the effective extinguishing of fires as per the design requirements.

Please note Secutron CC is a registered sprinkler installer with ASIB.

Should you require a sprinkler service or valve overhaul please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard.