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Gas suppression systems

Do you have a server room, sub-station, data room, archive room or any room where you have a lot of valuables or highly combustible material that you would like to protect from fire?

Gas flooding is the ideal method of fire protection with regards to the last mentioned areas.

There are two classifications of Gas Suppression Systems that we provide:

1. Clean Agent Gaseous Systems

2. CO2 Gas Systems

Although there are a few differences between these two systems, they are still very effective in any room where you want protection.

We normaly recommend Clean Agent Gas above CO2 due to the harmless nature of the clean agent gasses. In rooms or areas that staff or employees rarely enters is ideal for a CO2 system.

Let me discuss these two systems in more detail to provide you more information of which is best for you application.

Clean Agent Gaseous System

The Clean Agent Gaseous System consists of gasses that cause almost zero ozone depletion and do not cause harm to humans. There is also no residue left after discharge. The most popular of these gasses (which we also supply and install) are FM200, Inergen, Novac and Pyroshield. These systems can consist of a battery of cylinders in a dedicated room or in the actual room where the protection is required. In the case of a battery, the cylinders are all connected to the main distributing pipe via a manifold. The other way is to install the cylinders evenly spread throughout the protected room (if space permits).

The systems are normally connected to a pipe network that distributes the gas. Connected to the pipes are nozzles through which the gas enters the room. This occurs at a specific pressure and flow rate calculated specifically for the relevant room volume. The pipes used are seamless threaded schedule 40 pipes with 3000lbs fittings.

These pipes are properly supported so that they do not move or get dislodged when the gas discharges.

CO2 Gas System

CO2 is a natural gas that we find daily around us. However, it could be deadly when you are only breathing CO2.

This is why we do not recommend installation of CO2 systems in server rooms or rooms that people have to enter on a frequent basis. Clients sometimes do prefer CO2 as it is a cheaper option. Just think of the consequences if a person gets locked inside the room and the gas discharges…!

This system has an Odoriser installed above the manifold which will give a citrus smell to the gas should it discharge.

Obviously a fire cannot burn if there is only CO2 in the room; therefore it is an effective way of extinguishing a fire.


It is important to note that the above systems are installed according to the South African National Standards for Clean Agent Gaseous Systems (SANS14520) and CO2 Gas Systems (SANS306). Gas Suppression Systems work hand-in-hand with Fire Detection Systems as you require a means to trigger (24VDC from panel) a gas discharge. It is important to conduct an Integrity Test in the room to ensure that the gas is contained long enough in the room for it to be sufficient.

We at Secutron CC are very proud in our gas suppression system installations. This ensures that you as the client get the best products and installations there are on the market!