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Dumb and dangerous stuff in fire protection

Pretty often we are called in when others messed up. This kind of stuff is what we find:

Now how are these valves suppose to activate with the safety pins still intact?

These zip-ties are still in place therefore the system is not operational. The manufacturer of the Pyroshield system, Alien Systems & Technologies (Pty) Ltd, notes how ridiculous this is. The zip ties are clearly marked with red text that states “To be removed on commissioning”.

The fire equipment is locked up and can’t be accessed without the man with the key (who might be off early) …

Sloppy support of pipes
Supply pipes on the left are not connected to the fire pumps.
Pipes need to be painted or banded red

How many months has this pipe been open? The dirt inside will eventually block the fire extinguishing system. And when will that happen? In the event of a fire it is virtually guaranteed to block the system!
Or perhaps some rodent or a snake got lost inside the pipe system. How will you ever know? Only by flushing the whole system!

So much for a siren…

Obviously some gaskets / seals have not been installed. Only one way to find out: Disassemble everything.
The pipe above is not properly secured.
Jockey pump also not connected.
Pipes need to have red banding.