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Do fire hose boxes sleepwalk?

Some more dangerous and dumb stuff we find, when we are called in to clean up other companies mess, and to install a functioning fire security system.

Do fire hose boxes sleepwalk? We find them all over the place. And we are sure they are sleepwalking, as they are pretty often in the strategically right positions – but not connected.

Does this fire hose box go sleepwalking at night?

It seems that these fire hose boxes play “hide and seek” when nobody is watching…

Looking around the corner? Or just counting to 100 so he can go look for the other fire hose boxes ?

This one just froze when we came around the corner. I am pretty sure I saw it moving…

Obviously the client paid for these, but they were never installed. Or are they only playing “hide and seek”? The one on the left is just about to start running…

  • This box needs to be mounted on a concrete slab.
  • The hose inside needs to be connected already.
  • Pipes must be painted red. Lives actually depend on that colour – it helps save valuable time.
  • The containers must be bolted to the floor

Although these hydrant hose containers have four legs, we are absolutely sure, that they do not walk around by themselves at night.We can only come to one conclusion: They were never installed properly, even though the client paid for them!