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8 Steps to a working fire detection system

This how we work:

1. We will do a site visit and we will then establish what type of risk there is. This will then allow us to determine what is the suitable means of detection.
2. After this we will design a system suitable for you as the client, which will include a drawing that needs to be accepted by you. If not accepted, we will ensure that your wishes are integrated into the plans. We want you to be happy!
3. When the plans are approved and you are happy, we will start with the procurement of the items needed to provide you with a super fire detection system.
4. After we have all the material on your premises, the installation of the fire detection devices will start. Conduit will first be installed, followed by the fire detection cable, devices and fire control panel.
5. Commissioning will commence after the installation process is complete, which entails the final connections and testing of the fire detection system. This will only be complete once we are totally satisfied with the system.
6. Obviously we will provide training. It is our job to make sure that you know how the system works.
7. When you as the client is happy and 100% satisfied, we will handover the system to you as well as provide you with the necessary documentation.
8. Maintenance and service after the handover needs to be done quarterly to minimize false alarms and also to save you time and money.

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